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Can I get employment when I have finished the course?

Normally, students studying abroad are supposed to return home as soon as their studies are accomplished. Today, however, things have changed.

Recently the UK has realized the acute shortage of qualified and competent people in certain domains (skills shortage) and has been allowing overseas students to remain and seek employment in the country after studies, which is envisaged to give the economy a boost and competitive edge.

Western Countries like the UK have come to the realization that rather than spending large amounts of money to try to recruit and attract the people they want, they would do much better by just letting their overseas fee-paying students remain after their studies. After all, they are oriented and acclimatized to the country, have recognized qualifications from the country, have a strong and stable financial base (otherwise they could not have afforded their studies) and want to live in that country.

Students who have completed courses may now take up employment in the UK under the Training and Work Experience Scheme (TWES) that allows people to do work based training after a professional or specialist qualification. For more information on the initiative see:


Once the degree (Undergraduate or Post-graduate) is completed the UK permits students:

  • To take up to an 18 months paid internship.
  • Accept employment from an employer (who is prepared to apply for a work permit for you) and adjust to the work permit without returning home

For certain skills like teaching, medical, nursing, IT, hospitality management the employability in the UK is very high if equipped with a suitable UK qualification.