Student Award Agency for Scotland (SAAS)

Fees & Funding

We recognise that, for many people, the main barrier to learning is finance. The cost of Higher Education is increasing and many universities are charging up to £9000 in order to compensate for the cuts in their funding by central government. Generally WGC charges are least half this amount because we are a small, competitive and efficiently-run business/Computing  school and have kept our overheads to a minimum.

West George College offers potential students maximum support in securing funds for our courses. We are registered with the Student Award Agency for Scotland (SAAS) which means that students can access funds in order to study with us. The funding covers both fees and maintenance (i.e. living) costs. For students with additional support needs (e.g. a disability or dependants) there is extra funding available.

Our team in the Information admission office will help you to complete your application to the SAAS and advise on additional support that you may be entitled to. We ensure that you are aware of the true cost of your education before you sign up with us.

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Latest News:

Local EU national students can apply for admission at West George College for Jan 2012 intake. funding is available for local EU students only.

For further details contact admission team at  or on 0141 332 1206.

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