Staff Development Programmes

West George College is a specialist in Computing and Business/Management. Our Staff Development Programmes are tailored for industry and commerce and are in most cases certified by National Awarding Bodies.

We will conduct a Training Needs Analysis which will pinpoint the precise training which is required by your organisation. We would ensure that this is undertaken with your organisational goals and aims in mind, thus creating a training solution that is specific to your organisation.

In-house training is the most cost effective way of improving your staff’s performance. There are specific . advantages associated with ‘in-company’ working that make it the first choice for so many of our clients. For example, all the topics can be presented and discussed against the culture, practice and experiences of your company. The training is therefore perceived as wholly appropriate and so new ideas are more quickly assimilated.

Level 1. Standard

Any of the programmes we offer can be presented exclusively for your own people. We can work on your premises, or at a venue of your choice, or at our own centre. These programmes can be delivered any time, day or night. Our tutor’s will travel to your chosen venue, saving time and travel costs for your people.

With few exceptions, the cost of delivering one of our standard programmes, exclusively for you will be less than the cost of sending your people on an open programme. We are happy to help you identify the right training for you and provide you with details of our charges.

Level 2. Customised

We can create a programme exclusively for you based on our library of training resources. Such tailored training allows you to select material from our standard programmes. Tailored training is particularly cost effective. The programmes are only as long as they need to be to satisfy the objectives. The tutor travels to the delegates so their travel and hotel bills are saved.

Level 3. Bespoke

Bespoke training involves writing training material exclusively for you. Bespoke training is the natural choice where the training need is likely to be special. Sometimes, in-company programmes use a mixture of tailored and bespoke material to meet your training objectives.

The training can be delivered at your premises or offsite at a hotel or at our own centre – the choice is yours! In-house programmes are usually run for 1-3 days, if you are looking for a longer more advanced programme then we offer SQA, ICM, EDEXEL and NCFE qualifications.