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Agents and Partners Guide

International Agents

We give our agents first-class service, excellent terms and conditions – including a generous bonus scheme – and regular feedback on students’ progress. Our agents are our partners and, as such, we develop marketing strategies jointly.

  • A single point of contact for applications to all colleges
  • Regular visits and training sessions in offices
  • Joint advertising and promotional campaigns in-country
  • Annual familiarization visits and professional development opportunities

Prospective Agents & Partners

West George College is currently looking to increase its worldwide network of representatives. We would like to hear from bona fide and professional organizations and individuals who are committed to offering a quality service to our international students regarding all aspects of studying at West George College.

We offer a generous agents scheme, ongoing support and regularly travel overseas to meet our agents and partners. If you are interested in working with West George College please email a detailed agents profile, proposal and, where necessary company details to us.

Ideally your proposal should cover the following points:

  • Background of your company
  • Your location
  • Details of any partner agents and where they are located
  • Courses you are looking to promote
  • What you feel your company can offer the College

We also request you to provide us information about other institutions which you may be working with in the UK or elsewhere. We would like you to provide the names of some references as well.

We are always happy to hear from agents who are honest, professional and want to send us quality students. We are currently looking to recruit agents from: Europe, East Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Meet Us

If you are visiting the UK, why not meet our international team?

Our international team regularly travels overseas and would be very happy to meet with you. Please let us know if you would like to arrange a meeting during our next trip.