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7. Reference:
Please name two referees, who could be your academic teachers, who have direct knowledge of your academic work. (Applicants with work experience may nominate a person with knowledge of their employment, to act as one of their referees.)
Please forward your references to Admissions Office.
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8. Statement of Purpose/ Academic Interest: (Use a seperate sheet if necessary)
Please fill the space below, about your academic interest, the purpose and the objective in taking this programme
9. Employment History:
Please give details of your most recent work experience/training.
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10. Finance:
Are you?  UK/EU Student Non-UK/EU Student
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11. Source of Information:
How did you hear about us? Please select the appropriate boxes.
 Student/Friend Website Education Fair/Seminar Graduate College Prospectus Newspaper/Advert Employer Departmental Information British Council Tutor/Academic
If Agent/Consultant please specify:
12. Special Needs:
The College welcomes applications from people with special needs, and considers them on the same academic grounds as those from other candidates.
Do you have any disability/special needs/ medical conditions?
 Yes No
Are you registered as a disabled person?  Yes No
If you have any special needs, then please tick all of the boxes which are applicable to you:
 Dyslexia Need Personal Care Support Blind/ Partially Sighted Mental Health Diseases Deaf/ Hearing Impairment An Unseen Special Need, e.g. Diabetes, Epilepsy, or Asthma Wheelchair User/ Mobility Difficulties Other Special Need(s) ,please specify:
13. Declaration of Criminal record:
Do you have a criminal record?
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If yes, please specify:
14. Equal Opportunities Monitoring:
The College provides equal opportunities policy effectively, please select the appropriate box:
Asian Background
 Pakistani Indian Bangladeshi Chinese
Black Background
 Caribean African Other Black
Mixed Background
 White and Black Caribean White and Black African White and Asian Other Mixed

White Background
 British Irish Other White
 Other Asian Not Listed
Please specify for Other Backgrounds:
15. Attached Documents

Please attach the following documents to verify your data:

A recent passport photograph:

A copy of your passport:

Copy of your qualification 1:

Copy of your qualification 2:

Copy of your qualification 3:

Copy of your qualification 4:

A copy of your English qualification:

Your referee 1:

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16. Terms and Conditions
1. Once the student has enrolled or registered for the course of study, a place on the course will be reserved for the student and the student will become liable for the full fees for the course.

2. If the student decides to withdraw from the course for any reason whatever after the start of the course, the entire amount of all outstanding fees must be paid in full to the College. In the event that the student has paid the full fees for the course, he/she shall not be entitled to any refund and shall thereby forfeit the whole amount paid.

3. If the student's visa application is declined from British Embassy (excluding home office, UK), any fee or deposit received will be refunded in full excluding the 'registration fees & other admin cost' (£ 250), to the payer of the student fees and subject to conditions 4, 5 and 6.

4. If the student's visa application is declined and there is a subsequent appeal, refunds will not be processed until the outcome of the appeal is finalised.

5. Any refunds for overseas students will be communicated to the Home Office and the Foreign Office.

6. For overseas students who claim a refund after the visa not being granted, WGC must receive the refund application form within the First four weeks of the start of the semester, otherwise one semester fee will be charged from the deposit/tuition fee.

7. In the event any student decides to withdraw from a course for any reason and the course has already commenced, no refund of deposit will be made and the student is liable for the full fees. In the event that any student decides to withdraw from the course before the commencement date of the course for any reason [other than oversea who is unable to obtain a visa] no refund will be made under any circumstances if the refund application on the appropriate form, in writing is not received at least four calendar before the commencement date of the course.

8. In circumstances where a refund is claimed, the student is only able to claim part of the fee [if already paid] and not the amount that represents a deposit payment. A deposit is non-refundable.

9. In the event that a student, having enrolled/registered on a course of study, subsequently withdraws from the course either before or after the start of the course, the relevant authorities concerned will be informed.

10. Students may transfer to another course within the College, subject to authorisation from the academic committee according to course transfer policy and for overseas students, subject to home Office approval.

11. In the event of absenteeism or failure in an examination, the student agrees to pay the appropriate re-sit examination fees prevailing at the time.

12. Students should be aware that accommodation, books, stationary and other materials are not included within the course fees. However the College may be able to supply books and materials at a discounted price.

13. The student agrees to attend all lectures and tutorials specified in the timetable. If the student fails to achieve 85% attendance rate he/she could be:
(a) Disqualified from sitting the College's examination and/or
(b) Expelled from the College.

14. Any serious breach of College regulations will result in instant expulsion/deregistration, and full payment of any fees outstanding at the time of expulsion.

15. This Agreement is governed by and shall be interpreted in accordance with the Scottish Laws and shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish courts.

17. Declaration by applicant:
1. I give my consent to process my personal data to West George College (Under the data protection Act 1998). By agreeing to these terms and conditions I authorize WGC to process my personal and sensitive data, both manually and by electronic means, for the purpose of the administration and management of my studies. "Processing" includes obtaining, recording, holding or disclosing information or data and carrying out operations on the information or data.
"Sensitive personal data" includes information held by the WGC as to my physical or mental health, the commision or alleged commission of any offence by me and any proceedings for such an offence including the outcome or sentence in any such proceedings.

2. In making this application for admission to the chosen course, I Acknowledge that any offer of admission I may receive is subject to the condition that I fulfill the relevant entrance requirements and that I shall provide, when asked to do so, original documentary evidence of holding the academic qualifications and of any other information listed above. If, having been admitted, I fail to fulfill the above conditions; I undertake to withdraw from the WGC.

3. I undertake not to engage in any other full-time course of study concurrently with that to be taken at WGC.

4. I hereby acknowledge that I have read and agree to be bound by the above conditions of admission and if applicable additional regulations that are applicable to overseas students. I understand that the signing of this form by myself or anybody authorised on my behalf constitutes a legally binding agreement between myself and WGC.

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