Terms & Conditions of Enrolment

WGC Regulations, Policies, Terms & Conditions of Admission

The following terms and conditions apply to all courses and programmes run by West George College.

All applicants must apply only through the appointed representatives of the College or the College office directly. Students must check the authorisation of the representative before applying to the College. Please check the College website (www.wgcollege.co.uk) for a list of our representatives. The list is also available on request.

The College is not liable for any claim made by the applicant who has applied through unauthorised agents, organisations and individuals.

Students are strongly advised never to give money to any agent or individual not officially authorised by West George College. The College does not accept cash payments for tuition fees etc., and not accept any liability for refund. All fees must be sent direct to WestGeorgeCollege bank account either through a Bankers Draft, cheque or direct transfer. The College does not accept any liability for refunds, where students have paid their college fees in cash or any other form to any authorised agent of West George College, unauthorised agent, individual or organisation as these agents are not authorised to accept cash fees on the College behalf.

Acknowledgement of receiving fees mentioned in any document issued by the College simply indicates that these fees have been received by the agent and does not mean the College has received any fees from the students and does not accept any form of liability for such fees or any refunds for whatever reason.

It should also be noted that any agent approached by you with a view to securing a place at the college whether such agent be an authorised agent as authorised by the college to administer such applications or not imposes no liability whatsoever upon the college and the college does not accept any responsibility for monies paid to such agent or any representations warranties or statements made by such agent.

Once the applicant accept the conditional admission offer / place on any course / programme offered by the College, the applicant accept the terms and conditions of the College and is agreed of obeying it throughout the process of completion of the admission and study of the course.